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Simplifying accounting & bookkeeping

Real-time profit tracking. Zero cost. 24X7 expert support.

We help small businesses grow by managing their finances


Business growth

Grow your business with real-time cash flow & profit tracking.

Expense tracking

Keep track of business expenses, scan receipts, track tax benefits.

Easy invoicing

Create, send and track professional and personalized invoices for free.

Financial Reports

Generate monthly reports and cash-flow statements.

Mobile accounting

Check your business pulse anytime on your mobile.

Payment Reminders

Generate payment reminders and get faster payments.

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100% Free accounting software to manage invoicing, expenses, cash flow & taxes.

How Akounto helps scale your business?

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Free accounting software

Free mobile accounting software to manage invoices, expenses, cash flow & taxes.

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24x7 Personal, expert support

One-to-one personal assistance provided by experts whenever you need it.

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Bank account integration

Easy to integrate with your bank accounts, saves time from manual entries.

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Accurate Monthly Reports

Get precise monthly reports for each business transaction.

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