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All-in-one accounting software to manage invoices, expenses, financial reports, payments, and taxes.

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Akounto: Best Accounting Software for Small Businesses

Focus on what you love! Leave finances to us!

Accounting made easy

All financials in one place. Record income, expenses, and allocations. Automate journal entries and maintain accurate records. Link your bank accounts.

  • Connect bank and import transactions.
  • Customize the Chart of Accounts as per your business needs.
  • Reconcile your bank transactions.
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Get paid faster

Create professional-looking invoices, automate follow-ups and manage receivables with online invoicing software. Raise your business to a global benchmark with Cloud-based Invoicing Software.

  • Create, customize, and send professional invoices.
  • Automate recurring invoices and send payment reminders.
  • Generate multi-currency invoices for overseas clients.
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Track your expenses

Streamline your spending with Akounto's expense tracking. Upload your bills and maintain vendor accounts. Organize, view, and summarise your expenses and monitor the cash flows.

  • Record bills and track expenses.
  • Send Purchase Orders
  • Claims reimbursement of all the recoverable expenses.
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Make smarter decisions

Make savvy business decisions with real-time financial tracking and advanced reporting tools from the innovators at Akounto. Keep an eye on business numbers and know exactly how your business is performing.

  • Get tax-ready financial reports instantly.
  • Get detailed business reports for deeper insights.
  • Track your Accounts Payables-Accounts Receivables with intuitive reports.
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Versatile and valuable

Do more with Akounto. Collaborate and scale up. With value-added features, you can manage books of multiple businesses, onboard experts and analysts, have financials at your fingertips, and much more.

  • Invite your accountant. Provide custom access.
  • home.SupportsAccrualCashAccounting
  • Add additional businesses.
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Team Management

Invoicing and accounting software
Built for any business size

For business owners looking forward to scaling up without counting down their books.

Invoicing and Accounting Software


Make freelancing easier and get books & accounts managed easily.

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Invoicing and Accounting Software

Online Business

Grow your e-business bigger & let us manage your books & accounts

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Invoicing and Accounting Software

Start up's

Get your start up's books and accounts managed by experts.

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Expert support

Got Stuck? Get in touch with experts. Solutions are just a call away.

Accounting software is must for every business.

For business owners looking forward to scaling up without counting down their books.

In today's era of information technology, small businesses need accounting software to put their house in order. Being a business owner of a startup, or an online business, or even if you're a freelancer, what you have is a tonne of work and limited time of the day. In such case, keeping track of your accounts and finances sometimes become hectic. Still, it is important if you need to keep your business running, as most of the major decisions are dependent on finances only.

Keeping accounting software like Akounto at your side helps you maintain your finances, get updated financial reports anytime, keep track of your transactions, get timely updates on every cash flow, and much more. Akounto further saves time so you can focus on another important business task.

There are various mistakes that a person can encounter while maintaining a business's financial report. One such general mistake that any person can make is a human error while recording a transaction. Other problems and mistake that a small business can encounter are not keeping their books updated and not keeping a record of taxes (if they are collecting). All such mistakes can lead you to record wrong transactions and ultimately hamper your business while making decisions or paying taxes.

No, if you already have accounting software, you need not have another bookkeeping software. Bookkeeping includes recording and maintaining every transaction (sort of data entry). Bookkeeping provides you with revenue and expense information. At the same time, accounting software like Akounto has extensive functionality, including the bookkeeping feature. With accounting software and bookkeeping, you can generate financial reports, bills, invoices, recurring bills, and invoices, maintain customer and vendor records, check your business's health, and a lot more.

Akounto provides you an option to choose from a variety of plans, which starts from a free plan and goes up to expansion. To get a hands-on experience with Akounto and understand it, you can opt for a free subscription and check its functionality of it by yourself.

As a free plan, you get to create, customize, and manage upto ten invoices, create bills, manage unlimited customers, create five products or services to keep track of them, manage vendors, connect your bank account, customize charts of accounts, and a lot more!

After signing up with Akounto, you need to create your business profile before exploring a wide variety of options in the world of Akounto. Creating a business profile makes it easy for you to take things forward. After completing your business profile, you can select and go through various options like creating and managing invoices, creating your customer and vendors list, adding your bank account, etc.

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